1. Core Functionality

Core functionality examples
Name Description Preview
Ray Intersection Points Tracking of and visualisation of where rays intersect with objects in the scene. ../_images/ray_intersection_points_fig1.png
Point Inside A Material Finding all primitives which contain a test point. ../_images/test_point_inside_material.png
Energy conservation Checking all emitted light is collected correctly on a 3D enclosing surface.  
Multiple Importance Sampling The classic multiple importance sampling demo re-implemented from E. Veach’s PhD thesis. ../_images/multiple_importance_sampling.jpg

2. Materials

Examples of the different material properties available
Name Description Preview
Emissive colours Simple coloured emissive materials. ../_images/emissive_colours.png
Diffuse colours Simple diffuse coloured materials. ../_images/diffuse_colours.png
Metals Loading metal materials from the library. ../_images/metal_balls.png
Glass Loading glass materials from the library. ../_images/glass_bunny.jpg
Diamond Making a diamond material. ../_images/diamond.jpg
Surface roughness Material properties can be varied from smooth to rough with a material roughness modifier. ../_images/surface_roughness.jpg
Anisotropic surface emitters Make an anisotropic material with a custom emission function. ../_images/anisotropic_emitters_preview.png
Custom volume emitters Make a custom volume emitter with your own 3D function. ../_images/volume_inhomogeneous.png

3. Observers

Examples of the different types of observers
Name Description Preview
Cornell Box An industry standard test scene for benchmarking ray-tracers. Also demonstrates how to setup and configure a basic pinhole camera in Raysect. ../_images/cornell_box_mis_1550_samples.png
Orthographic camera Using the orthographic camera. ../_images/orthographic_camera.png
Optical fibre Spectral observations from an optical fibre. ../_images/optical_fibre_power.png
Mesh Observers Making observations on a mesh surface. ../_images/mesh_observers.jpg
Making a camera 1 Making a camera from components. ../_images/cornell_box_real_lens.png
Making a camera 2 Another example of making a camera from components. ../_images/metal_balls_with_lens.png
Making animations Looping over the observe loop whilst changing the position of primitives generates an animation. ../_images/animation_preview.jpg

4. Optics

Example scenes
Name Description Preview
Prism dispersion White light is split into its component colours as it passes through a glass prism. ../_images/prism_720x360.jpg
Etendue Calculating the etendue of a pinhole with ray-tracing. ../_images/etendue_of_pinhole.png